Bailiff bash trashed!


The £4,000 per table CICM British Credit Awards, dubbed the ‘bailiffs’ oscars’, held at the Brewery Hotel in London, was picketed and “stormed” last Wednesday (11th February 2015) by protesters venting their anger at this total filth basically receiving awards for how many working-class families they have fucked over. One scum bag was even pelted with paint (See the above picture) by protesters as he tried to slither his way through the front entrance. Two protesters have been arrested (Support needs to be given). Focus E15 put on a mock eviction with clothes, toys and household items. This blocked the front entrance and forced the scum to enter the building via a service door at the side of the building.

The momentum is gathering pace and needs to keep going. Momentum has a tendency to burn out or stagnate whenever we start to get anyway and it must stop. We need to build the resistance to bailiffs within our communities, now is the time to start. These lumps of filth are happy to rob and evict working-class families so give them a taste of working-class justice and knock them down a peg or two!

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