Just a quick and simple explanation.

I got an e-mail asking me to clarify what I mean by my blog description which says “anarchist”, “autonomous socialist” and “general twat”.

Anarchist: My politics I define as anarcho-communist (Not the only anarchist current, there is the likes of anarcho-syndicalism for example).

Autonomous Socialist: I act within groups and independently of them. To me ‘autonomous socialism’ enables me to act on my own initiative and in a single or in multiple groups, campaigns, structures and initiatives which suit my politics. No one group I think is pure and perfect and all have something to bring to the table so I like to keep my hand in wherever I can and want to help. Autonomous socialism gives us the choice to act on our own initiative, in affinity groups or in autonomous socialist groups, structures and initiatives free from authoritarian and redundant elements. Autonomous socialism is also broad and does not limit itself to one set of ideas. I am, as I have said, an anarchist (I don’t identify with any other single set of ideas) but autonomous socialism is not anarchism in the sense that it does not exclusively include anarchism as it is open and inclusive of varying sets of ideas such as anarchism, autonomist Marxism, council communism, social ecology etc.

General Twat: Quite plain to be honest, I am a twat!

On another note, I may not be able to update this blog as frequently as I used to but I hope I can soon so keep checking back for updates. I will try to get back on track as soon as possible.

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