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I am sick of the whole Cereal Killer thing so now I am going to stop posting about it (Unless something like the Keery brothers have stopped crying and pissing themselves scared into a bowl of £4 cereal or the business has shut down) and concentrate on other issues. I am not going to respond to comments on the issue either so please, do yourselves a favour and do not even bother.


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A message to the clowns…

Dear Clowns,

For those of you who believe the lies about a dog getting kicked and ripped apart at Saturday’s Fuck Parade in East London I will ask you to think about one thing, why has the owner of this supposed dog not come forward to speak about it? Where is the evidence, the photos or videos of the incident? In fact, why has the incident not been reported to the police so that they can review CCTV footage from one of the many cameras in that area?

Why has none of this been done?

Consider one thing, the person who originally made this allegation is a part owner of a gentrifying business so it is not like this person would have a vested interest in discrediting anti-gentrification protestors anyway. Also where is the footage? The one who originally made the allegations of animal abuse has plenty of photos of the Fuck Parade but none of the alleged animal cruelty? Very strange indeed. I would get proof if I seen that happen.

Could it be that this alleged incident never even took place and the person making the claims is exercising vested interests in seeing anti-gentrification protestors discredited? Or free publicity?

Just think before you believe what others tell you, it is not hard.




Excellent Guardian comment.

“They were not a violent mob they just care about there area. The middle classes always wear there righteousness on there sleeves Whether it’s saving Africa or the Rain Forest and there obligatory ethnic minority friend there so P.C. There rampage all over London is a disgrace, it’s a city that is now in need of saving from them. Look at what they do when they gentrify an area it stop being inclusive and very quick become exclusive, they do absolutely nothing for the locals, in fact they’re so unfriendly. It just alienate the local and they’re force to move away this is happening all over London at a rate that’s quite frightening . You only have to look at East Dulwich it’s unrecognizable from what it was just 16 years ago. Clapham, Battersea places that I knew well is also unrecognizable. The fight back is starting and what ever course it takes I say let the ball bounce were it may, because it’s long over due I hope it spreads all over London.” – Whoever you are, well said!

Ahhhhhh Life is so good! :-D

I love all of these people who are crying into their £4 cereal and taking the time out to give myself some excellent life advice. Keep it coming please, I never knew where I was going wrong in life until you all showed up. Much love! :-) (My intentions have obviously worked as you are all so bothered by what I write)

Well said from a friend of a friend!


1) Opening a shop that sells children’s cereals for £4 a bowl in a borough in which 49% the kids are living in poverty and many people eat on less than £4 a day is a fucking insult.

2) Estate agents growing rich from people’s struggle to keep a roof over their head are vultures feeding off gentrification and the homelessness that goes with it.

3) Cutting benefits to the poor in the name of austerity while cutting taxes for the rich is a class war.

4) Demolishing council housing and evicting the people in them to build luxury apartments for the City boys who profit from their homelessness is social cleansing.

6) If you don’t already know this, you never will, which makes you part of the problem, if only for your stupidity.

Just thought I’d clarify a few things.

The Pig.”

Class War do not care about luxury tower blocks (Apparently)!

One of the Guardian comments claims that Class War have done nothing about luxury tower blocks…apart from spending 10 months protesting against One Commercial Road’s ‘poor/rich doors’ (And being the spearhead behind those actions), oh and some of its members taking part in Focus E15 and Sweets Way and Focus E15 actions as well.

Could not make half of this shit up, it is brilliant!