Here we go again…

Another Saturday and another short and unannounced shit scared insertion of social inadequates from National Action, this time in Newcastle.

It seems that these flash demos that they have done lately are becoming something of a habit for them. Naturally it would after some of them were outnumbered during the first White Man March in Newcastle by a demo at Newcastle’s Quayside, Newcastle’s Monument and a roaming band of fist happy anti-fascists (Who battered some of their lot at NA’s meeting point) and also after the even bigger victory over them in Liverpool. Basically they are too shit scared to announce a demo in advance because they know what will happen to them.

They decided to go back to Newcastle last Saturday (23-01-2016) with a frankly embarrassing 10-16 pond life present but faced no opposition from the North East left (Partly because the North East left are shit at this stuff anyway and partly because it was unannounced). However this cloud does have a silver lining in that they faced some decent public opposition. Joe public gave them verbals, middle fingers, someone threw a cup at them, were laughed at, booed and heckled. It also seems that “NA troops” (Their words) are not fond of saxophones either:

The above video shows a National Action shit stain assaulting a saxophonist. This video has gone viral with over 100k views and now even more people in the general public know what clowns, soft shites and sad acts they (National Action) are.

Well done to the general public of Newcastle.


(Above: The massed ranks of National Action leading the “white revolution” forward)

Saxophones and bananas NA sax

National Action’s successes to date:

– Drops some banners of bridges for a few seconds in the Midlands at night

– Stuck stickers up around some universities

– Went for a walk around Warwick University

– Went to Rotherham where they had a fight with the EDL

– Garron Helm got stretched in prison

– Went to Newcastle for White Man March attempt 1 but had a fight at their meeting point in which anti-fascists gave a fascist a battered face, broke the ribs of another fascist and slapped around another. On top of this there were two decent sized static counter-demos, one at Newcastle’s Grey’s Monument and one at Newcastle’s Quayside which each outnumbered the White Man March.

– Declared that only bullets will stop them but went to Liverpool for White Man March attempt 2 but got the shit kicked out of them, were blocked on the platform, hid in lost luggage and had their march route taken. They had to cancel their own demo.

– Tried to go back to Liverpool twice. On one occasion they shit themselves and did not turn up and on the second occasion they shit themselves again when they realised a huge crowd of anti-fascists were waiting and got off the train before Liverpool, in Widnes.

– Sneaked back into Liverpool unannounced because they are scared of the opposition. No march and people did not even realise until a week later when they released a video. Only people who took any notice were tourists, most of whom are non-white. Oh the irony.

– Sneaked back into Newcastle (See above).

– Went on a mega stalking mission against Luciana Berger.

– Garron Helm could not contain his closet sexual lust for Luciana Berger so he went to prison for his obsessive and weird behaviour. The only loving he got out of this whole episode was in the shower when he dropped the soap.

– Held a support demo for the quasi-fascist, neo-liberal capitalist uprising in the Ukraine.

– Held a demo at a statue of Nelson Mandela in London (Not a fan of the bloke myself) and then went for a walk through Whitechapel to Cable Street (With no distinguishing features such as badges, flags or the like…very valiant). They declared that they had pretty much invaded and ethnically cleansed the area. Good luck with that in Tower Hamlets lads, you really will get far.

– Sprayed some naughty graffiti somewhere including stencils declaring that they will hang drug dealers (That is still yet to happen, and probably never will). If you want lads I can direct you to some that are well known dealers in my area, just let me know.

– Done some kind of action at the gates of a locked Jewish cemetery/memorial at night (Again, very valiant).

All-in-all, a resounding success story for National Action so far.