Is this for real?

This is beyond hilarious. This has to be one of the most ridiculous news items ever reported in the press.

The person in question is CLEARLY pointing towards a fight taking place and EVEN MORE CLEARLY has NO WEAPON at all in hand. No firearm, nothing! Where is the bang in the video? Where is the recoil against the hand, arm and shoulder? Any smoke? Any ejected round? Nope. I smell bullshit!

The person in question does not run away either, more like a walk. Perhaps also the person in question walked away because a rock, stone or whatever had been thrown in the same direction. Just a thought.

Also if a firearm had been fired then it would have hit someone or at least gone into the wall or through a window or something. Also there is that the bullet would have had to have been fired straight on towards the glass whereas the ‘aim’ here is at the side of the glass. So unless they are using the JFK “magic bullet theory” I seriously doubt the physical possibility of a round going through three panes of glass a decent distance apart especially when ‘aimed’ the way the photos and video shows.

I always knew that the Dover Express was a comic of a rag but this even makes the Daily Sport look like an academic journal.

But then again, the information was supplied by the half-price ‘casuals’ at “Pie and Mash Squad”.