More than likely you could not give a shit who I am and have no interest in me whatsoever but I am going to tell you bits anyway.

Me: Anarchist, industrial unionist, working-class chauvinist, autonomous socialist and general twat!

Political influences (Organisations and movements): Class War (The paper and the federation), Anti-Fascist Action, autonomen, Industrial Workers of the World (Or at least the history, idea and principle of it).

Political influences (People): Ian Bone, Martin Lux, David John Douglass, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin among others.

Political stance: Anarchism (Specific label: Anarcho-Communism)/autonomous socialism/industrial unionism

Top ten political books: (To be updated)

  • Beating the Fascists (Sean Birchall)
  • The Failure of Non-Violence (Peter Gelderloos)
  • The Coming Insurrection (The Invisible Committee)
  • We Are An Image from the Future (AK Press)
  • ***To Be Decided**
  • The Enemy Within (Seamus Milne)
  • Blacklisted (Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain)
  • How Non-Violence Protects the State (Peter Gelderloos)

Top ten other books:  (To be updated)

  • The Hooligan Nights: Being the Life and Opinions of a Young and Unrepentant Criminal (Clarence Rook)

Top ten political films/documentaries:

  • Fascism Inc.
  • The Take
  • Uprising
  • Dockers
  • Riff Raff
  • Navigators
  • Brassed Off
  • Still the Enemy Within
  • Matewan
  • Voice Over: Riots Reframed