Animal Rights Zine and Info Display at VegfestUK London

As announced earlier this year there will be an ‘Animal Rights Zine and Info’ display at the London Vegfest event on October 10th 11th.  The display itself will be situated in the area by the cinema entrance on level 3, and for those people arriving early there are some free zines that will be given away.

As many people know, one of the main features of the London Vegfest this year is the People’s Vegan Activist Summit taking place on the Sunday, which is due to host a number of speakers exploring a wide range of different issues in relation to veganism.  So the feature of animal rights zines will accompany this wide ranging discussion, and is set to include the following pamphlets:

From animals to anarchism  – An open letter taking a critical look at the politics of animal rights and animal liberation (can be read for free here).

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution  – A vegan perspective on anarchism or an anarchist perspective on veganism. (can be read for free here).

Nailing Descartes to the Wall: Animal Rights, Veganism and Punk Culture  Exploring the idea that veganism, and concern for the plight of animals are commonplace in punk. This zine investigates the issues and tensions from a UK context.

Challenging Ideas on Human-Nonhuman Relations  – Essay on the ethics of the ways in which humans use other animals.

The display will also include posters and information from the Vegan Intersectionality Project.






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