Hey you! The Atheist! Come out for the contest!


Would you like to tell your story and get some amazing books? We want to hear your stories and give you amazing books in return.
As the Out for Beyond team we decided to organize a small atheist contest. Our subject is: How did you become an atheist or how did you realize you were an atheist?
The first 5 atheists who send essays will receive one of the following books of Richard Dawkins, depending on her/his own choice.
There is more! We will share one (maybe more!) essay(s) that we select among the contestants here in our blog. And the author(s) will receive not only the three books above, but will also get one of the two sets of books below. English or Turkish set of books will be the author’s choice. Waiting for your essays, friends !
Oh my Zeus, did you hear that Garajımdaki Ejder is also one of the judges of the contest? Yes, the one whose videos and posts we are mad about !
You have 2 weeks to send your essay (Deadline: 29September 2011). The evaluation will take another two weeks and the results will be announced on 13 October 2011.
We may post the selected essays anonymously if you’d prefer that.
Length doesn’t matter.
You can send your essays to outforbeyond.yarisma@gmail.com .

* The image is taken from the Atheist Out Campaign of the Repolitical Movement.

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