Absurd Opposition in Absurdlawland

Had tea with your ex or with your flat-mates? So you held “a reunion of an armed organization”.

Published news criticizing the government? So you “incited enmity and hatred among the population”.

Have lemons in your bags? So you are about to “participate in an illegal demonstration”.

Wrote “No to drugs, Devlis1” on a wall? So you make “propaganda for an illegal organization”.

Keep saving the lighters you continue buying because you forget to take one with you? So you are a usual suspect “out of the usual course of life” and therefore a “member of an organization”.

Criticized religion on the Internet? So you “openly denigrated the religious values of the population”.

Associated against sexism? So you want to found an “association against public morality”.

Had your hair cut? Come on, what have you done to take such an effort for not getting identified, confess!

Opened a banner demanding free education? So you are “a member of an illegal organization”.

Top it all off, did you moreover dance the “ideological folk dances”?

The correlation between act and charge has vanished in Turkey. Let us establish it the other way around!

We will never give up humor – especially, absurd humor – to the hands of the prosecutors and the judges! Not in Turkey, nor anywhere else in the world!

True Story: The above items are examples of real juridical proceedings in Turkey.

1 Devlis: Devrimci Liseliler: Revolutionary High school Students

Ege M. Diren

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