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Jun 12

AKP talks about women.

This is a brief and incomplete compilation of what AKP leaders said about women, gender equality and feminism. It is part of our monthly theme “Why revolt in Turkey?”. Note that this is clearly not a list of all sexist or patriarchal discourse in Turkey. We aimed at a less ambitious goal of restricting our …

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Mar 27

A young girl… can die right at this moment. – Şöhret Baltaş

Note: This essay, written by Şöhret Baltaş, was published in Jiyan.org in Turkish on March 18th, 2014 with the title “Bir kız çocuğu… Şu dakika ölebilir.” As part of our efforts to inform the English speaking audience about male violence in Turkey, we attempted a free translation of this literary text. Location: Bingöl, Turkey. Year: …

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Feb 14

An(other) Outrageous Civil War in Turkey

Male perpetrators killed 257 women in Turkey according to the data compiled by bianet in 2011. We could summarize the report to save up some time, but we won’t. You should read this article (signed Çiçek Tahaoğlu) together with all the previous reports in bianet that are labeled violence against women and then this report …

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Oct 13

4190 women murdered in seven years.

* This news item was translated from the Turkish original “Yedi yılda 4 bin 190 kadın cinayeti gerçekleşti” published on 21.09.2011 in soL news portal. Human Rights Association İstanbul Branch made a public statement on its recently released report on Violence Against Women. The report displays stunning data on women (who have been subject to …

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