(A song)

I lie ahead, mirage of a future without end
I lie ahead, nothing that I cannot heal or mend
I’m always here, though you never can see me
I’m always near, and as far as far can be

I lie between, weaving through your days and through your dreams
I lie between, nothing is what nothing ever seems
Hold on to me, and my strength will see you through
Hold on to me, as you feel my hold on you

I lie behind, offering sweet solace from the past
I lie behind, gathering the days that couldn’t last
Yes I’m to blame, for the tide that takes it all
You curse my name, as I fail, I fade, I fall

I lie beyond, holding and enfolding what you are
I lie beyond, the living light of your extinguished star
Don’t ask me how, I am you and you are me
No here or now, in serene eternity
No here or now, in serene eternity

About Paul Cudenec 184 Articles
Paul Cudenec is the author of 'The Anarchist Revelation'; 'Antibodies, Anarchangels & Other Essays'; 'The Stifled Soul of Humankind'; 'Forms of Freedom'; 'The Fakir of Florence'; 'Nature, Essence & Anarchy'; 'The Green One', 'No Such Place as Asha' , 'Enemies of the Modern World' and 'The Withway'. His work has been described as "mind-expanding and well-written" by Permaculture magazine.

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