‘Our generation will not back down’

“I will seek the changes I marched for tonight until I win or die. It is the task of my generation, worldwide, to return power to the people.

“Governments around the world are quickly realizing that our generation will not back down.

“This is bigger than ‘occupy’, this is bigger than one country, one problem, or one protest. The people want their world back. We are fighting for our future, and we are winning.”

I was very struck with the above words on the blog of a young American protester reporting on dramatic events in Oakland this weekend.

This is exactly the spirit I have been writing about over the last couple of years – the spirit that is necessary if we are ever going to save our planet from death by capitalism.

This kind of force of opinion has got nothing to do with two-dimensional party political programmes or efforts to ‘build towards’ some short-term reformist goal.

This is the real thing. This is the life force swelling up from the collective unconscious and manifesting itself in an individual who feels its power and is ready to be guided by it.

As every previous generation of rebels fades away, a new one is born to take its place – and to push even harder against the system that is blocking its potential.

It was very timely for me personally that ‘Boogie Man’ used the phrase: “This is the task of my generation.”

I am currently finishing a piece of writing for which, until the weekend, I did not have a title.

On Sunday I decided to call it The Task and the next day I read the comments on the blog.

The right word had come to me from somewhere.

(The piece will appear on here before too long).
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