Pechblenda in Xawara’s box



Performance of Pechblenda at Transmediale.   They did not want to project the performance to everyone because they were saying that there was explicit sex! hahahahahhahaha….. how stupid and vulgar….


Cause we are the after afterglow. And they talk and talk, and even if it looks like they are talking about us, they don’t say our name. but, no problem, radioactivity is seen from under water and even after the afterglow.  ( )

“all this is very confusing, they ask and we are here with the answers, but looks like that they don´t want to see, anyway we need to mix with this figures from the 90… but we don´t want to pay 5 euros to be invisibilized … who is using horizontal and free technologies in this panel, what are you talking about ??? we are patient and happy anyway because our interactions are affecting other rhizomatic contexts in wich we fluid and develop new strategies to interact with the differents organisms and entes around we are an inflexion point that diffract mater in multiples ways ”   written by Pin <<pechblenda>>

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