Cafe Pineapple fights plastic pollution

Cafe Pineapple, Milborne Port’s newest community enterprise, is helping to create a plastic free village.

Customers committed to a pollution free world will find a vibrant cafe that supports their vision, with compostable, disposable coffee cups, free refills for your water bottle, and a 25p discount for anyone bringing their own coffee cup.

Cafe Pineapple uses paper plates and recyclable cardboard for takeaway items and only sells water in recyclable, glass bottles.

There’s always a warm welcome at Cafe Pineapple

As well as providing a delicious range of food and drink, with daily vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options, Cafe Pineapple has made a significant contribution to helping Milborne Port on its journey towards plastic free community status.

Located in the heart of the village on the site of what was once the Queen’s Head, it’s easy to find Cafe Pineapple on Milborne Port’s main High Street (DT9 5FB). If you can, please support them. With a friendly welcome and a real commitment to a brighter future you won’t regret dropping in.

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