Master Router in Prosfygika Network

Last week, thanks to our friends from LibreMesh team, we were able to implement our Master Router software on a almost-final platform, being TP-Link WDR 4310, running OpenWRT system.

We had the Master Router for several weeks, but it was running on an ancient, literally dumpster-dived PC. Every week or so, I had to restart it. Every night I was having nightmares about this zombie contraption crashing, with nothing to replace it.

Nevertheless, it persevered. :-) Couple weeks ago, when I finally got the TP-Link delivered, I immediately made a quick configuration, planning to make a switch-over properly, Sunday early morning. As it usually is, Friday evening the old box kissed us good-bye and gave the ghost. Luckily my intuitive configuration was good enough, so after half an hour and a bit of stress the network was up again.

Last weekend we completed another milestone: I mounted the router in a dedicated case, added CYTA (local ISP) routers to it and made it a new central node for our network.

While our ultimate goal is a full mesh, now, for a while we will be working on current topology improvements, which include:

— introduction of the ring topology

— adding the unique login feature (to mitigate free-riding)

— creating a virtual network available for everyone.

Now, while overloaded, the network seems to be much more stable. I am going to notify CYTA about some problems with DLC loop and let them solve it. After that, we go serious!


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March for Solidarity to Squats

Squats are already in the eye of reppression from the greek state. Although some have been evicted, others are opening, negating at the same time the statetement of minister of justice that all squats will be closed till the summer. In 8/6/17 almost 300 comrades have marched in the capital of Greece showing their solidarity. This march is also a message that we will stand and defend our squats…

From the ”solidarity assembly squats and match hits” poster:

Common fight against the repression of squats.




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Concert for Prosfygika Community

Join us this Saturday, May 20, for an evening of music, food and dancing to support the projects of Prosfygika community. Treat your ears to Rubetiko, traditional Kurdish, Rock and Reggae music, and your tastebuds to Turkish kebab empanadas, and Tche Kufta, all while being in solidartiy to the comrades of Prosfygika neighborhood!


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Sunday Morning Playtime for the Children of Prosfygika

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon the children (and adults) of Prosfygika gather for play and collective self-education. This is a place for everyone’s growth,  as kids, as well as their parents and other grown-ups in the community, find a space for play, education, and building connections and relationships with each other.

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May. A Hundred Flowers Bloom

Under the hot May sun, a dozen of Prosfygikans right now busily cleans our neighborhood, plants more flowers and trees, protects them from parking cars. Indeed, communal gardening itself is a revolutionary activity. Look yourself.

We will be announcing next events here online. Stay tuned!

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Antifascist “Guardening”


In Prosfygika, we strongly believe in treating weeds like they are fascists, and fascists like they are weeds! They both have to go!!

To that end, we’ve started combining our antifascist presence in the neighborhood with weekly “guardening” sessions. Not only does this mean that we’re out and the neighborhood when Golden Dawn members (with heavy police protection) are passing by, but that we are using our time to improve the space that we live in and love. People who would only be comfortable in one space or the other also get the chance to interact in common work,meaning that the fiercest warriors are hanging out with the littlest kids!

Current projects are focusing on cleaning trash, clearing weeds (and prickly stickers), sprouting herbs and tomatoes, and bringing in hardier plants that can survive the rocky urban soil!

Guarding our plants from cars and fascists

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The Shit Got Done!

Learned helplessness is the worst enemy of the community. After we finished a three-years-old waterpipe leak in block #2, people still have no faith in the LTG. So only by chance I learned last week, that there is a major sewage leak in block #3, for few months already. Indeed, a section of horizontal pipe, collecting all toilet and other sewage, was shattered open. All content was spilling freely along the foundations of the building. The job was simple — just to replace broken section, put new one, seal joints with the tape. Done. Enjoy!

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Multilingual comrade needed!

We are looking for a (mid-to-long-term) resident trusted comrade for #Prosfygika local technical group to provide solidarity help in communication.
Minimal skills:
— spoken languages: English, Greek, Farsi.
— political position along the lines of Kropotkin kind of anarchism.
— cultural shock resistance.
— openness for learning on every level.
— older age comrades are especially invited.
— endorsement by common friends is a major plus.
We offer accommodation in squatted neighborhood of Prosfygika, Athens, Greece. Free food is available on irregular basis. Antifascist guarding day / group gardening day once a week on average. Extremely mixed political and cultural environment. Lots of fun.
Location flanked by the police HQ and Appeal Court of Justice. Famous Exarcheia district within a walking distance.
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Prosfygika Network: First stage for the First of May!

Long time no report from us, but hey, this is Greece; everything takes more time.

Mostly thanks to unstoppable Naomi R and some generous donations, we finally reached the first milestone assumed for Prosfygika Neighborhood Network:

1. All users that were previously connected through crumbling and fragmented cable infrastructure, are now connected via uniform system of staircase-installed access points. They pay a modest (5 Euro per flat per month) fee, that is 100% spent on the development of the network and other infrastructure.

2. All network is integrated into one address space, under single master router managing internal traffic.

3. External traffic goes through master router load balancing module and two uplinks provided by local service provider. ISP no more has ablity to monitor internal traffic.

4, We are now ready to set up our first internal services, to go beyond the idea of “just accessing internet”.

The next milestone I hope to discuss soon in the community, but possibly it will include more uplinks, extended set of services and shifting towards mesh topology.

If you are as enthusiastic about this developments as I am, stay tuned. Soon we will publish some hints what help from you would be appreciated.

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The past and present of Prosfygika shows the struggle of the workers and the persecuted. Those who have never found solid ground to stand on, and those who never ceased to fight. One can hear the ringing of guerilla machine guns and the guerrilla riders that sound from home to house through bullet holes that punctured the walls during the December uprising. Nights are filled with the screams of the tormented political prisoners of Averoff Prison and the cry of the ruins of demolished buildings. We are suffocating today, with the new tyranny imposed on us and the threat of violence and barbarity expressed by the two symbolic monsters of sovereign power, the gangs of violence and repression that lay siege to us: GADA and the Court of Appeals

In Prosfygika, Ave Alexandras, there are currently more than five hundred people ifrom every manifestation of the oppressed class: Refugees, immigrants, families with their children, the elderly, the sick, formerly homeless, political fighters, addicts, those dependent to the ELPIS hospital, and people of every nationality or religion. It is a multinational mosaic of the communities of the world’s most rebellious and plundered of peoples. People who have experienced capitalist war, displacement and torture, poverty and misery, persecution and hunger.

Our narrative about the neighborhood of Prosfygika speaks to the struggle for survival and dignity, for solidarity and companionship, for self-organization, equality and social struggle, for interracial and inter-religious coexistence in times of poverty and social cannibalism. A social and cultural workshop of self-esteem and community that continues to remain with those who built it, immigrants, refugees and opponents of capitalist barbarism. It talks about the smiles of dozens of children playing in the streets of the neighborhood, collective kitchens and self-organized production and self-education structures, social and political actions, care for the sick and the weak, maintenance work, with meager means, a place that concentrates memories of struggles of the working class over the past eighty years.

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