First off, we’d like to say thanks to everyone that has ordered our last releases, we’ve had a lot more orders than in the past and we now have the money to put out our next release! The distro is getting better and the releases more frequent, hopefully we can keep this going. To say thanks for this we will be putting together the next Pumpkin Records Sampler, but instead of pressing it, w will make a nice download package and put it up for free. Will have loads of tracks well worth it for free.

Our next release is ‘From Rusholme With Dub’, the long awaited split from Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective, which has been in the works since March. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered just getting the last bits of artwork together this week, hopefully aiming for a christmas time release, along with this we have the Tribute To Rudimentary Peni, which has been in the works for years! We are waiting on one more track and then this is ready to go. To hear a track from Black Star Dub Collective go to www.facebook.com/blackstardubcollective and go to the band page. The track ‘Instant Injustice’ is on the split.

The Pumpkin Records Studio has been busy and we are now booking for January onwards, we have Luvdump booked in for two weeks and loads more coming in. Rates are:

£50 per day

£200 per week

If interested email us and we’ll send over some tracks we’ve put out from the studio. We also provide a mixing and mastering service for bands with tracks from other studios for just £10 per track, again get in touch for info.

Now more importantly than the label stuff, something that will affect Pumpkin Records is the proposed change in legislation on the Legal Aid bill and Clause 26. In short what the change means is squatting will be illegal and not a civil matter. The problem here is that the media has painted a picture of ‘squatters’ who steal peoples home when they are out walking the dogs or away on holiday, this is in fact already a criminal offence under Section 7, it is illegal to take someone’s home that they are living in, it is not illegal to occupy an empty, unused building, so the media has mislead the publics trust used them to help bring in their change in legislation. This will not only affect squatters, but the homeless, students right to sit ins and many others. I could go on all day trying to explain the bigger picture and problems behind this but i think if you are interested in this and want to learn more go to www.squashcampaign.org for all info on those affected. These laws have gone through commons but still need to be passed through Lords, this can still be stopped, we need to write to Lords explaining these issues for any hope of it not getting passed.

Phew…. sorry about the rant just something personal that we feel needs addressing.


Pumpkin Records

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