The DISCO//OSLO “s/t” LP+ download will be out in May 2012. It will be on 12″ vinyl and will have 14 tracks.

Free EP:

Download the free “Allesfresser EP” with three brand new songs here:



11.05.2012 GER/ Oldenburg – Polyester + Autonomads (Release show)
29.05.2012 UK/ Sheffield “Audacious Space”+ The Autonomads
30.05.2012 UK/ Manchester “Kraak Gallery” + The Autonomads
31.05.2012 UK/ Bristol (Easton) “The Plough” + The Autonomads
01.06.2012 UK/ Brighton “Cowley Club” + The Autonomads
02.06.2012 UK/ London “Carnells” + The Autonomads
07.07.2012 GER/ ObernAir Festival Mengebostel (Nahe Soltau)
12.10.2012 GER/ Stuttgart + Alarmsignal
13.10.2012 GER/ Bad Hersfeld – „Lolls Attack!“ Festival – Juz + Alarmsignal
30.11.2012 GER/ Neumünster/ AJZ + Alarmsignal, Narcolaptic
01.12.2012 GER/ Hamburg/ Knust + Alarmsignal, Narcolaptic

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