Britain First sent packing!

Racist wannabe military outfit Britain First decided to go to Whitechapel yesterday for a picket of the East London Mosque. Needless to say that it did not go to well for them and were sent packing by locals.

The East End of London has a long and proud history of local resistance to fascists and racists and it seems like this tradition is alive and kicking (sometimes literally).

It kind of goes without saying now that Britain First have released a video full of lies claiming that they were swarmed by “hundreds” of “Islamists”. Yet from the video below you can see that claim is a load of crap. They also claimed to have had camera equipment stolen yet still managed to film the whole incident to the end, including them running scared down a side street.

It is anyone’s guess as to what their intent was by turning up to Whitechapel like this. Did Britain First wish to be presented as the helpless victims of an attack by “hundreds” of “Islamists” or were they just so incredibly unwise as to actually turn up in Whitechapel and expect to be viewed as noble warriors on a crusade? If their intention was the former, they failed. If their intention was the latter, they still failed. Whatever their intention was Britain First got their arses handed to them on a platter.

Where are you without your armoured Land Rover Golding?