Get Involved!

We have been in existence for around a year and in that time we have attended countless demonstrations and been involved in physically and politically confronting groups like National Action, National Front, English Defence League, etc.

Our members have been involved in physically confronting fascists at Dover, at Newcastle and Liverpool for both White Man Marches and the National Action and Polish “hooligan” humiliation in February of this year, also in Liverpool. Our members have also been involved in attempting to track down and confront clerical fascists in London (who managed to slip away for now).

We have also engaged in countless demonstrations, pickets and other political work. We believe that just as much as the physical stuff, the political work is vital.

More events and actions are being planned for the future and we will be ready to respond to anything which happens in the meantime.

If you want to get involved in fighting the fascists then get in touch at: