Action Report: Newcastle 9th September 2017

On 9th September 2017 the English Defence League (EDL) decided to pollute the streets of Newcastle. Despite the EDL being a shadow of its former glory days, we decided to do something about it, even if just a gesture of contempt.

After a slow start, Red Antifa members and supporters/associates decided to have a brief discussion with the EDL in the finer points of not exploiting the victims of child abuse for their own agenda. This resulted in a few sore heads for the EDL.

One hilarious point was when Mickey Mouse EDL leader, Ian Crossland, decided to jump over the barrier in the middle of the road and throw some shapes. He soon realised that no one was following him, so he shat himself and jumped back over the barrier. EDL eh? How the mighty have fallen!

It was brief but sweet and in our view, that is all the situation really warranted.

The EDL claim that they were there to protest against the disgusting child abusers in the recent grooming gang case in the city. The gang comprised mainly Asian Muslim men but also included one white non-Muslim woman. Judging by the cries of “Muslim paedos off our streets”, they did not seem too concerned about a gang member of the gang who did not fit their view of the situation. A child abuser is a child abuser and should be shown the full contempt of the community. Contempt should also be shown to those political opportunists such as the likes of the EDL, who exploit these awful events, and with that the victims, for their own twisted agenda. The EDL’s concern was their agenda and their agenda alone, the victims of the grooming gang are merely a tool for them.

Our members did not attend the counter-protest organised by Newcastle Unites, and did not act in conjunction with them. However it is a plus that the counter-protest outnumbered the EDL protest…massively. It has been reported that anywhere between 300-600 people were on the counter-protest. The EDL pulled an estimated 80-100. We seen both protests and we would say these are accurate estimates. The counter-protest also chanted against the vile child groomers.