Steve Biko Kept It Real!

Anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, murdered at the hands of the racist apartheid state in South Africa, was certainly no fool when it came to multiculturalist demands for ‘special rights’ for minority groups over other members of society. He was aware that such demands are indeed counter-productive and that the answer lies with a non-racialised society.

At Red Antifa we agree with this because we believe that anti-racism has been taken and corrupted by liberalism. Anti-racism was meant to be the deracialisation of social issues but since the liberal hijacking it has been turned into the racialisation of social issues. It is a complete reversal of anti-racism and we can only ask the question, who does such a reversal really benefit?

We do not only agree with Steve Biko’s words because we believe that anti-racism has been hijacked. We also agree with Biko’s words because it is common sense that a descent into racialised society is not a step forward but a step back. Racialisation of social issues only benefits the ruling-classes. The past, present and future lies in striving for the creation of an anti-fascist movement based on class, and with that a deracialised society.

Steve Biko, Rest In Peace!