Not Advice

Listen close, this is important. This is some seriously helpful stuff coming up here in a second. I mean it. Valuable.

Many of us are always trying to make people to do things, and we can’t. So give that up. Bingo! Now you are happy for the rest of your life. Bored.

What you want to do is change people’s minds.

Harder than you’d think. But also easier. See, that’s how minds work. Try making someone to do what your mind just did! Facile.

Ok, that is the first part. Here is the second. Two-parter.

When you see something in someone’s mind that you want to change, oh, does it hurt like the devil. How can ignorance like this exist, given our powerful brains and modern advancements, you burningly moan to yourself! Why, why–whywhwyhwyhwyhwywhy are we not yet better, you clamor? What, if anything, can I do to rid the world of this person’s terrible misconception, you plead? Bad.

Simple: pretend, obviously, that the ignorance is right. Pantomime it is true. The mind wisens right up on its own as soon as it sees you are pretending, without a word of direction from you! Imperative-free.

And noone gets their feelings hurt. Safe.

People like this so much they usually get excited to show you the rest of their ignorance. So run away then. Bye!



(I write the longer blog, celebrate my new digs.)

PS: lulz