Dear Lenta Marie,

Dear Lenta Marie,

Thank you for the card. We are very busy here with lots of parties and it rained all weekend. I hope your new job in Atlanta is fun. When we come visit this winter Daddy1 says we can go to Sea World again. We can go straight to the dolphins because I know they are your favorite.

I have all straight As again except for gym. That is stupid because I am the best at lacrosse. There are two mean girls in my gym class. There names are Marin and Paige. Everyone likes them except me. That is just fine.

The big news is that Daddys have a new Princess. I call her Lenta Heather even though she’s not my lenta. I told her my lenta wouldn’t mind. Daddy2 is making a lot of lists of things to get for her. I am supposed to be in charge of the clothes, because as you know clothes are my thing, but I didn’t make any lists yet, because I don’t know her personality yet and clothes have to match your personality. I told her that.

I can’t wait until she moves in to put her feet up, because she is very fun and I told her I would show her how to sew and she has a cat. She says she might not even want to move in until like the last week and Daddy2 said wait and see. We had a big party when she agreed and she is already pregnant. We had another party for that and then Saturday a party for my birthday. Did I tell you yet I am getting confirmed at church? We’re going to have another party for that next week and I will be the hostess and get to serve the cake. That’s a lot of parties! My dress is ok.

Anyway everyone hopes she has a girl except me. Nothing against Kara but if Michael had a brother we could play girls against boys basketball and we would probably win.

Did you get a dog yet?

I’m going to make you a picture as soon as I find the right app. It is good you are in Atlanta because if you were here these parties would probably wear you out! Daddy1 says you were very funny at your parties and danced a lot. I said that makes sense because you are always smiling and dancing, and he said yes, you are a very happy person and maybe I get that from you.

See you in November!!!! XOXOXOXOX

Your Baby, Corine

PS: Daddy2 is the bio dad! We are so proud of him!