Life of Perpetual Bliss FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about your Life of Perpetual Bliss, along with their answers.


Q: What’s so great about joy, anyway?

A: Life has many goals. Most of them are means to an end. We do A so we can do B, so we can have C, so we can feel D. Joy is the end goal of every sequence such as this. It’s the goal of every goal. And there’s no goal beyond it!


Q: Why doesn’t everyone know that about joy?

A: The word joy has a bad reputation. People have been talking about joy forever, but in the context of a lot of things we don’t agree with. Over the years, many people decided joy was not for them.


Q: What are some joy do’s and don’ts?

A: Do: Enjoy it! Do: Share it. Don’t: Talk about it.


Q: What kind of shoes should I wear in my Life of Perpetual Bliss?

A: The biggest, heaviest boots you can walk in.


Q: What is joy, exactly? I have so much of it!

A: Joy is a chemical in your brain.


Q: What if my joy starts to flag?

A: Sit down and have a cup of coffee. Then figure out what you are doing wrong.


Q: Can I really feel like this all the time?

A: Yes!