I have no idea how to put this in words, lol.

I told the lady at the McDonald’s drive-in about it, and she seemed to get it, but then she laughed.

I want to tell you that two things meet, and they do meet, I swear, but it’s difficult to say so, because I have no idea what they are.

Here! Let me grab this lifeline. Once I had a nice discussion with someone else anonymous about whether we are doomed to repeat everything endlessly. Does life go around in circles, he said. Are we a snail on a football field, he said that too.

Ok, there’s a good example someone of talking about something you-don’t-know-what-the-heck-it-is that we can all learn from. What goes around in a circle? Nothing, right? It’s a figure of speech.

He meant that events repeat, and we imagine time is a line, so if events repeat, the line would be a circle, if you stopped pretending the line was time and instead pretended the line was a timeline.

Makes sense to me.

So I’ll just carefully introduce another dimension onto said timeline, right here. And . . . not know at all what that dimension is. Consternation.

Going back to the snail man for help, I desperately notice that he said we would be forced to repeat everything, which implies that the entirety of this timeline, or at least enough of it to make a decent circle, somehow has something to do with us.

I can do this! I see it now!

SOO imagine his circle arranged vertically, like a … a . . . vertical circle . . . like the SUN in the sky–oh wow that is almost criminally misleading. Pretend you didn’t read that . . . like the frame of a round mirror on the wall. That’s not misleading at all, right? Rather informative on a metaphorical level, even.

We are an ant, walking the frame.

Sometimes we are at the top, sometimes the bottom then. You already know that. I can leave that out.

Oh noo, I’m not going to make it! Again I am foiled by earthly geometry!

Ok, I need a shape that goes from the middle down to the bottom, and then immediately to the top– yes, sure I already know what this is but I’m still typing about it! hold on– and then starts sliding down to the middle again. You’ve got it, right? Now connect the two middle points where it starts and ends. What do you call one of those?

I’m sorry, the rest of this entry has been censored. I don’t even know by whom.

(And I had to change the title, the metaphysics joke was not that good.)

The end or something. Aren’t you glad you read to here?