The puzzle always came up and faded out like a sizzle
to Nowhere, into nothing.
I sometimes told myself I’d think about it later.
Well later is now.

I once decided it was Undecidable.
Schools of thought unfairly better-informed
agreed to disagree, without me.

I knew, where knowledge grows, inside
that all of us had actually agreed
to be Wrong. We were sailors in a boat

who needed to think about things.
There could be no fourth dimension.
That water was never coming back,

at least not together, at least not soon,
at least not to the same river
but I couldn’t say why not.

Jealous maybe: we wanted to see it.
If we wouldn’t see it, we sent it away
even as we floated on it.

And more than an illusion or invention,
no more constructed than any other spittle.
We were really wet.

I went measuring with my teacup,
Measurement. It came back full of ticking.
That I couldn’t drink, but I held on to.

I sloshed it in my chest,
where it evaporated,
and then I was too afraid to look further.

My heart’s tiny cousin, little charge,
zapper–he marks out always everything,
prints page page page of atomic headline news:
i am, i am not, i am again.

When the teacher asked
I again dipped my ear–
the ticking is a clicking!

In each click a wave, broad answer
arriving all at once. Grows and shrinks me
by the same amount in Options as each crashes.

This is it then, this shifting of news from place to place.
Eternal placid revolution
from there to here.

I know you, Time:
you are Information gained,
irreversible, esteemed, and marked by nothing but yourself.

My little boat can see the shore now
where the sky and the ground are in balance
neither of them an enemy, as she lands.

Peace and Answers!
found in a ticking heartbomb,
with a 4D-graph that’s just this fact:
it has made every beat it’s made.