Spelling Lesson

Ready? Read each twice, then spell the sentence or bold word. Make sure your answer for number 12 is different from your answer to number 5:

  1. I have no dice.
  2. Where should I sit?
  3. Ironing board.
  4. Have you seen my shoes?
  5. Where are we going?
  6. Going, going, gone!
  7. We know where they dwell.
  8. High five!
  9. I love you so much.
  10. Look.
  11. Reload.
  12. What’s in there?

Some things start wrong and need to be started over; some things start right, go wrong, and need to be fixed; some things are ok; some things are great. That’s my kind of typology.

Ever since I was little I’ve hated the alphabet; I’ve never cared for arbitrary distinctions; I like to believe divisions without reasons are what you call art, and art shouldn’t be forced on anyone. But even that’s not enough to explain my feelings of absolute repugnance towards this group of 26. They make worse than no sense! Why does q always need a u?

So I made up my own. It’s more like watercolors. I don’t know what you’d spell with it.

Answers to above:

  1. Descending.
  2. Circle aka memory’s bell.
  3. Bumpy road.
  4. Checkmark.
  5. Curled cat’s tail (or dart).
  6. Ascending.
  7. Hummock.
  8. Cartwheel.
  9. Lightbulb.
  10. Angle.
  11. Checkmark.
  12. Dart (or curled cat’s tail).


(I think I will not give up on this until someone explains how to spell the letter B to my satisfaction.)


What’s better: changing something bad to make it better, or making something that is great better, without changing it?



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