You don’t know?

You don’t know. Why not?

Because noone told you. But why not?

Because noone needed to. Or they didn’t know you wanted to know.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s the only reason you don’t know.

Even if noone knows! But that’s rare.

If it happens, this rare thing, find the right person, and ask them to find out.

Ok, now they’ve told you, and you think it’s difficult. Why?

Because when they told you, they told you it was difficult.

They are wrong. Is it difficult for them?

It’s not, is it. They just thought it would be difficult for you for some reason. So they said it was.


If I was going to write about education a year ago, or two or three, I would have written something very different from what I’d write today: something about freedom of thought, or learning styles and motivation, or (horrors) meta-cognition. A lot about how to teach. While trying not to say how to teach.

But I decided some time ago that (excluding my own children) I am not a teacher, unless someone pays me to be one; that I have nothing to teach, only messages to pass, and no obligation to do even that; and this has been a great defense for me.*

Because noone else’s ignorance is my problem, I fly from face to face in joy: look at this, look at this, and look at this. What will you do with it, what might you see? And you, look at this! And if you don’t understand enough, you’ll have to call me back and ask, and I’ll have more, and more glee.

For surely the problems I will solve are finite in number, and few enough that I should choose carefully which I work on.

This message begins quite simply, I suppose: if you don’t know it, and you want to, find out. No matter what it is. Why not?

Then it runs around a familiar block because it is happy.

But it ends in a very different place.


I am leaning on the OTHER side of the scale.

I am pushing THIS boundary out, THIS ONE HERE, not that other one you stare at.

I don’t CARE how far that one goes. I don’t care what new things you can make THINGS do. The boundary for me to push is THIS ONE over here on the OTHER side. What can WE do? What can I? WHY NOT?

robot religion




<small>*This decision may have arisen from spending a lot of time with many teachers, who are of a different species than I. More . . . vocal.</small>


Shoutout to the “If Math Was Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, How Would You Describe Your Relationship?” Quiz

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