Speaking from within

Mack: Hello, my love.

Karen: Hello to you, worthiest object of my deepest affection.

Mack: How is it with you, the one my heart leaps to see the face of, its joy limitless and pure?

Karen: Well, certainly I could not love you more than I do at this exact moment, perfect creation and completer of my soul. I’m ok.

Mack: Indeed our love for each other astounds me anew perpetually, object and fulfiller of all my dream. Surely to experience its unfolding is my purpose always. That’s good.

Karen: Haha! Who could question any of the things you say, which ring in my heart like the deepest of salves? How I relish and treasure all that you have ever told me, being only what I am, to have been told these things! What’s going on?

Mack: The answers to these questions are of course known to us in love, and providing these answers my vibrant and enduring gratification, as is commending the immeasurable impact your words and love-filled presence have spiraled through my life’s course, thusly. Look, here comes Jill!

Karen: My love for her continues unabated.

Mack: As does mine.

Karen: I voice my gratitude for the impending opportunity to be in her physical presence, as I measure the diminishing of the time period during which I can only anticipate it and prepare for the time period which adjoins, during which my enjoyment of the experiencing of it, rather than the anticipating of it, will commence. She’s from the Health Department?

Mack: As do I! Who could ever have wished for a thing so great as this while intending actually to obtain it, the three of us standing here together, as will soon happen? Yup. Hello, Jill.

Jill: I salute the truest nature of two pure hearts, pressing my own love against theirs! I’m here from the Health Department. Did you get my message?

Karen: Greetings, Jill! Does not light shine between us both? Yes, thanks for coming out.

Jill: Most certainly, reflecting the truth that is us all. I am almost overcome by the beauty of our standing here now together and forming a group, but fight to regain my wits, as you may soon speak, increasing my joy, and I should wish to hear that. Anyway, do we have time for such a thing as my falling to the floor, given the ardours of the joy which burns within us, which it is our privilege to fulfill? Great, glad this is a good time.

Mack: To scoop the body of any such as this heart’s up from a fainting would of course be a joy to me. How I love you. You’re here to measure the temperature of the walk-in freezer?

Karen: Jill, understanding what you mean, I am moved to have this opportunity to repeat again what we all love to know so well, that should you truly desire to pass out it would be my greatest joy to encourage you to do so, your desires being beautiful and correct, and my love for you making it no question as to whether I would support them as I do my own, in reflection of your perfect judgement. And this what I have said is almost counterfactual in its use of the subjunctive to describe events that will not happen and so is like a joke! Haha! Did you know Daniel? He used to do our inspections.

Mack: Haha! Daniel was a good guy.

Jill: HaHAha! Truly the love of all is in your clever joke, which I have not heard before. No, never met him.

Mack: I would be lifted to new heights of exultation by it, were it possible for me to love you more. Well, we’re very careful in our kitchen.

Karen: Which of course it is not, anymore than it is possible for me to love you more. How my heart aches and burns with the excitemeant of this recitation of the truth of our love which you have made so precisely, drawing so loving near untruth in reflection of my joke. I am so flattered. We’ve never had any problems.

Jill: Yes, these statements of yours are correct, of course. Let me now affirm that the love I feel for you at this time is astounding in its enormity. That’s excellent.

Karen: Does not love dwarf and trounce us into so much flattened dirt, as it should in the presence of two such as this? And now my shift supervisor, I begin to feel it is time for all of us soon to resume our work activities, as is our joyous purpose during these hours barring atypical events. Nice to meet you, Jill.

Jill: Yes, your statement bravely places the possibility of an edge to our mirth on the luxuriantly laid table of our pleasant conversation. I thank you for it! I now assure you needlessly that you need never worry that such a resumption as this is anything other than in accordance with my own desires, should you desire it, fruit of my own soul’s longing. You too . . . Karen, was it?

Mack: As we prepare to make this change in our spatial locations I am moved to express and affirm my gratitude for the opportunity the two of you have just given me to think about the cataclysmic enjoyment we are given to experience in navigating the opinions of others, by doing so so correctly, which is easy, guided by love as we are, and to salute the beautiful tension created by our being distinct objects that allows us to appreciate each other so differently, although of course not more than otherwise. Yes, she’s Karen, and I’m Mack. Nice to meet you.

Karen: Is there any warmth I could seek more than your welcome embrace of my outpourings of affection? Surely not, anymore than my love for you could exceed its current levels. And my very being overjoys triumphantly to hear such things spoken and so correctly. Mack’s the owner. I just work here.

Mack: And to have now the chance and desire to add that I am now enjoying the exotic pleasure of anticipating our separation while we are still forming a group is more than anyone could have wished for. Karen, is table four looking for you?

Jill: Indeed this is true and resonates within my own being quite nicely. That’s the kitchen over there then?

Karen: To have later the recollection of this perfect meeting to add to my recollections and consider, when I am physically at a greater distance from you than I am now–this is what I am now considering and sharing to my extreme satisfaction! Looks like they are, yes.

Mack: I appreciate this sharing and add my own layer of complexity by stating that at that time also we will be united as always in love. Hadn’t you better go see why?

Jill: I too look forward to the comparison of these two times. I’ll just take a quick look around.

Karen: Jill, all my being cries out to honor you, as usual. Ok, see you later!

Mack: Of course words fail to even brush against the extremities of our mutual adoration as we part. Should I come with you or wait here?

Jill: Farewell to these two monuments of my soul, as this ends our fated meeting for approximately ten minutes. The degree of our love is such that I can only hint at it, perhaps by suggesting I abandon all hope of ever understanding the concept of interaction fully. Haha? Because of course my understanding of it simultaneously perfect, see? I have learned this concept of the near counterfactual statement from Karen just now. It is quite thrilling. You can wait here. I’ll be right back.

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