Submission (Don the Gloves of Logic and See If You Can Pick Up Christianity Part 4.75)


I think everyone would…wow. The stigma around this word is enormous. I was going to say that I think everyone would benefit from submitting more, and even I had to stop myself, and I’m alone in my car.

And where did this stigma come from, exactly? If Dana Carvey was here, in the car with me, we could go so Church Lady on this. What have you done to submission, Satan? What have you been up to? How have you perverted God’s beautiful gift of guidance?

But he’s not, and I messed that up. Satan is supposed to come at the end.

How wonderful, how powerful is it, to have decisions that you just don’t need to make—at all— because you are just going to do what you are told.

Ok, let me tell you two things about submission that you should know if you are actually going to try this, and I’ve already touched on both of them. One, a system based on submission doesn’t work unless the selection process if huge. If you think of the amount of decision-making effort you are going to save in the future by not having to make those decisions, some portion of that effort you have put out up front to select what will be making decisions for you later. Not as much, but some portion of that work must be done, if you it to be good. This is just information theory. The information that represents your best interests has to get into that system somehow.

Two, when you submit, really submit. All of us who know how to manage from below know that it is a powerful place to be, and you can do a lot of manipulating from down there. That can get dirty. It’s up to the individuals involved work this out in a way that works for them.

There’s a sentence I love so much…. how does it go? Let me try to remember. “I will do this, but my preference would be to do otherwise.” Oh yes. You can even add “of course”! Oh yes.

Think about this: if dating were different, if dating meant that anyone you went out with would get to make 40 or even 20 percent of your decisions for you, would you have gone out with ANY of the people you actually did? How differently would you choose, if you were looking for more than just someone to put in your house? Men aren’t furniture!

It’s like this, I made this decision a while back, and I think it might be a good idea for everybody. I decided never to have sex with someone who couldn’t brush my hair.

If you are too embarrassed to ask a potential sex partner to brush your hair, then how could you … I’ll let you finish that sentence.

If you do ask them, and they can’t— they tear it all out or give up— then what have we learned?

And if you wouldn’t trust them to even try … then what are you doing? There ought to be a female union.

min 19

three from behind, three from the exit,

min 20, the guy in the left lane brakes

I swear it is distinctly possible these folks drive in formations.

min 21 they are still in a bunch. regular people would have spread out.

the right side of the simultaneous lane change is hard to see in the video: there were two turn signals pointing at each other.

min 34-35 this guy speeds way up to pass me, then switch to the far right lane where he slows down and drives parallel to the guy in front of me

min 40: two cars are driving one behind the other on the right as I come up over the hill. One pulls into my lane (the middle) and then slows down to match the speed of the car in the right lane, effectively blocking my way. I had to brake to avoid hitting him, then when I go to pass, he accelerates.

min 41: a line of four cars shows up from behind. one is a police SUV.

min 42: a minivan, I think from the original pair at min 34, that must have been riding in my blind spot (I can’t see him in the rearview), gives me a near side-swipe as he exits.

Carpooling is great, but that means in one car. A group of cars is not good, outside of a parade.

I like to keep a good 1/4 mile between my car and any other cars on the road.

Editing is going to be necessary. I think it takes me 20 min to come to my point

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