When you only have one pineapple, it’s really something special.

Pineapples, everyone loves them but they’re hard to get into.

What do you do, if you have a lot of pineapples? You give them to the people you love. You don’t give pineapples to strangers. You might sell them. I wonder if the difficulty I’m having here has anything to do with the length of time that this has been bothering me.

Pineapples are also the international sign for Caribbeans are welcome here.

If you had a lot of pineapples, though, would you give them to people? They have a lot of vitamin C. And the acid that fights arthritis. You don’t want to pass on a problem per se. But it’s a terrible thing, a rotten pineapple.


What do people do in countries where there’s pineapples everywhere? They must know what to do with them. They probably send a truck down the road or something, to sweep them all up. We only like them because they come from so far away. Okay, maybe we’re not so into that idea anymore, but that was the original appeal of everything that we found so appealing.


See, I’m going around on this again. I’ve talked to myself the whole way through and I haven’t gotten anywhere. I guess the question is what people really want to eat.

I wonder if you could get a pineapple on your tombstone.

And I’ve landed where I always land again. Darn it. Nothing like eight good options to keep you from doing anything. Alright. Alright. Alright. I can figure this out.

See, my blog is down. And I’m upset. About that. That’s why I can’t figure this out about these pineapples. I like those blog people.

Oh. Duh. I had some good advice about this, but it was… partial. Darn it.

Stop it. Just stop it, everybody. Quit it, you know, quit being a jerk. Maybe you could give it up for the summer. Tell yourself, this summer I will not be a miserable jerk. See how it works for you.

See, greed, greed, so many problems are caused by greed, it’s one of the nastiest forms of fear…

It’s artificial. Preservatives?

This is the circle I always go around. You could say well, I went around it, so that doesn’t do much, but I did go around it, so that might…

See, but then, there are thieves. This also needs to be considered.


I should get up early more often.



One-Billion-rising_Soumen-Nath_69 158793282

Indians light candles as they mourn the death of a gang rape victim in New Delhi, India , Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012. Indian police charged six men with murder on Saturday, adding to accusations that they beat and gang-raped the woman on a New Delhi bus nearly two weeks ago in a case that shocked the country. The murder charges were laid after the woman died earlier Saturday in a Singapore hospital where she has been flown for treatment. (AP Photo/ Saurabh Das) ORG XMIT: DEL147sub30DELHIimage1-jumbo



Photo credits include:

A woman prays as she lights a candle in a church in St.Petersburg during a day of national mourning for the plane crash victims in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015. A Russian passenger plane has crashed in the Sinai peninsula Saturday with 217 passengers, mostly Russians, and seven Russian crew members killed. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky) ORG XMIT: XAZ105


Written June 21, 2016. As for the pics, what should I say, I just got lucky?

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