Two – ready to go add audio?


I should do some thinking about the number two. I’m just not motivated to do so.

See with two, things get interesting.

In fact, two is where interesting starts.

There is no interesting without two. Two (yawns) is interesting. It’s (yawns) yshinteresting, really, two.

No, I mean, if you don’t have two, it’s boring. I won’t say it’s boring, because you don’t know what boring is

but two, when you have two—

You can keep yourself busy for a long time, with two. You’re one, and then the other. You’re looking at one, and then the other. Between one and the other one and the other. You’re not the same, you have one that’s different. One that’s like this and one that’s like that. It’s different.

You never get bored, I think, if you stick with two.

Hey, I’m me and not you— that’s why we’re two.

Hey, you’re you and not me — let’s make three!

See, when you have two, all of a sudden there’s something that you don’t have: the other one. When you’re one, you have it, you have everything. You are everything, so you have everything, you’re one.

But if there’s two, then I have to look at you, see what you have, and I kindof want it, usually.

But if there’s two, then I have to look at you, see what you have, and I kindof want it, usually.

I at least need to figure out if I need to want it, or if I should, and that’s going to require some effort. That’s going to keep me busy for a while. Who are you, two?

You’re so different from me, the other half of two. So unknown, so separate, two: interesting and separate. Am I next to you? How am I, in relation to you? How are you— wait, are you kidding me?

I mean I don’t know how I’m in relation to you, but do you also have an idea, about how I’m in relation to you?

Because that can keep us both busy forever.

Now that we’re separate, now that we’re two.

Two is doable though: it’s not me and a lot: it’s just me and you.

If you  give me enough time, I can figure you out pretty well, but not all the way because then we’d be one;

and if I give you time you can figure me out pretty well

but not all the way because I don’t know —  and

I’m going to have to tell you, if you’re going to figure me out, and that’s going to require me to figure out, and that’s going to keep us both busy for awhile.

See, I didn’t know I had to figure myself out, because there was no one to tell anything about myself, when I was one. I just knew everything.

But now that we’re two, I’m going to have to figure this out: not just who and what I am, but who and what I am and what portion of that should I tell you? Should I tell you all of it? I can’t. I already covered that.

So I’m going to have to decide what part to tell you and then I’m going to keep track of that.

Well, that’s a lot.

Plus I have to keep track of you, not just what you’ve told me, but also what I think you haven’t. And we have these pieces, all of a sudden, of public and private. And everything now has these two pieces  now that we’re, every one is two — it is the one that I see, and the one that I don’t. Now that we’re two,

everything is too, just like when we were one, everything was one.

What about 3? I’m not ready for 3 yet. I don’t know what will happen

when we’re 3 and two is still so interesting.

What happens when you’re not around? Do I feel like one again? I don’t! I know that you’re missing. I bet you think that same way too. I’ll ask you. I’ll never again be one! We’re always two.

What if I try pretending you’re not there? All I want to do is tell you later

how I did this, tell you whether or not it worked —

whether or not I can tell you.

Whether or not I’m able to make you understand, whether or not —did we have that before, whether or not? It’s getting hard to remember, what it was like when we were just one? Did we think about whether or not? I don’t think that we did; do you remember? You don’t know what I mean.

There’s a deer next to the road.

You do? You remember even?

There’s a lot more deer next to the road. Four deer, five deer total.

Six deer, seven deer, eight deer, on both sides of the road.

You say we never thought about whether or not. I’m not sure whether or not I believe that. You say that you’re sure. Well, I guess that helps me make up my mind. I think you’re right. We never were concerned — nine deer. Nine deer —

We never were concerned with whether or not before. We knew.

Do you think before maybe there were things we didn’t know, and we just didn’t know that we just didn’t know that we didn’t?


Yeah, that’s silly isn’t it. We were one. What wouldn’t we know.

Right, what wouldn’t we know.

What we didn’t.

Right, what we didn’t.

I love you, two.

I wish I knew. I feel all the time, we should be closer.

Me too.

We two.

Let’s do that thing where we hold hands and swing around.

I Like That Thing too.


I’m dizzy.

Me too!

That’s how it goes with two. Whether or not it’s good, we definitely get dizzy.

Whether or not—

Hey, this is good too: I’ll do that for you.

What? No. We still don’t make three —because now we’re seeing how you

can take things from me.

It’s a novelty.

Where did that go? Is it coming back?

Coming back?

Yes, is it coming back?

What from me?

Yes from you.

That was fun; let’s do it again.

This time, I’ll take too. Now you ask me, is it coming back?

No, I won’t ask you.

Well, I’ve taken it whether or not you ask.

I know.

You’re not going to ask, are you? You don’t have to.

I have to—

ahaha  no you don’t. I took them. So you don’t have to!

That’s right, I don’t.

That should keep us busy for a while too.

Will you?

I don’t know. I still don’t have to.

What if I give you two back: here.

Okay, I will.

Well that was fun.

I know— it was.

Will you do it again?

I don’t know. Do I want to?

There’s a tenth deer.

Do you want to?! I don’t know! Because I’ve asked, now you don’t know?


You don’t know, if you want to?


Will how will you decide?

Wait— you’re going too fast! I just decided I don’t know. I don’t know, because you asked me, if I would do it again.

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