I Changed My Mind – ready to do needs photo

We need certain things so desperately, don’t we? We feel I have to have that. Like cats in heat.


What do we really need, you know? Nothing.


I don’t know why, but every time I interfere, he said–

I don’t know why, but every time I interfere, she says–


It turns out like I didn’t DO anything.


Maybe I shouldn’t exist.


I haven’t done this in awhile. It should be fun.


We’re allowed to be bad now and then, aren’t we? (laughs) (serious) You don’t even know what bad means. Whoever I’m talking to, I’m sure, you don’t even know what bad means.


Oh, that’s true, when we met, we were really bad, weren’t we? (whispers) Oh man were we bad.

The first three days that’s all we were was bad.


Remember that?


No, I forgot! (laughs) No, I forgot about that.


It’s true, I’m not sure why I don’t think of it every single day. I should probably make a point to think about–right now! No, right now, I’m making a point right now to think about why I don’t think about it, every single day….no, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to make that point.


What did he tell me? He told me I couldn’t put a set in a set? Could you believe it? I thought, why don’t you just destroy the whole world! Tell me I can’t put a set in a set. Nothing works suddenly, thank you very much. How do you live in that, your self? How do you, seriously? If you pick up his stuff, you feel like — you can’t move. I can’t move! It ain’t right–I mean, right–it isn’t right. (laughs)


But this is the thing though, seriously.. Seriously! (laughs) seriously — you are not taking me seriously. It doesn’t matter how many times I say seriously, apparently. Seriously!


Seriously, what if — you don’t want to hear it, huh?

I like it when you don’t want to hear things.


(long silence)

Ok, ok, why should we have this much fun — ooh, because we were ba–no, no, not because we were bad! we just have fun. Because we’re good. Don’t tell people we have fun because we were bad! You’re so bad!

I remember that. I was really bad. But it was perfect.

I changed my mind: we were good.


Oh my gosh, What if, what if we– do you remember? I’m asking you now, if you remember.


Ok, ok, without a doubt, best thing that ever happened to me. Without a doubt, done, best ever.


Ooh, sometimes people are just so good, they are just so sweet, I can’t even say the things they say because they are so nice, I have to force myself to say what you said and what you said is So far.


(I let him carry me around some tonight. It felt great. We’ll see what the consequences are though.)
(And quit flexing your muscles you are not picking me up again!)