(Cop Show Part 1)

Ok, so when the woman says the guy is bad, you have to investigate first to see if that’s true.

How am I going to do that?

Well, ask about what they are saying happened, look for evidence that it happened and prove it.

What kind of evidence? There isn’t any evidence when somebody hits somebody.

It could leave a bruise.

I’m not checking for a bruise.

Ask if anyone else saw what happened maybe.

That sounds like a lot of work? And bothering people. I don’t have time to bother people.

Well, I guess you’re right. But there has to be some kind of investigation. 

I can’t do an investigation every time. What do you think this is?

I don’t know. What would you usually do?

Just hit the guy, until he confesses.

Ok, but before you do that, maybe just … check?


Yeah, you don’t have to investigate, just check. 

Check how?

Check by… asking the guy what’s going on. Just ask him real quick, see what he says.

…  Ask him?

Yeah, get up real close and look him in the eyes and ask. Real close. In the eyes. Give him an intense look.

Like this?

Yeah, like that. Get real close and give him that look. It’ll look hard. Then ask.

Ask what?

Ask like…

Ask what’s going on?


What if he lies?

Then you hit him.

…Right. Then I hit him. Ok!


And check to see like, if he’s a boy or a girl.

Boy or girl (writing this down)… ok.

And how old, approximately.


And like, what is he doing when you are talking to him–sitting, standing, crossing and uncrossing his legs..


You want me to check what he’s doing? Like, physically?

Yeah, check that. Before you hit him.

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