Angry fan at stand-up comedy show attacks stack of speakers

Enraged at offensive content coming out of them, Howie Caneautell attacked a 10-ft stack of speakers at the “Edgier than a String Trimmer” Comedy Show yesterday.

“It was some bullsh**,” said Caneautell, “what they were saying about my ethnic group/sexual orientation/home state/mother. Of course I realize now they were just speakers.”

It seems obvious now, but it was difficult to convince Caneautell that the speakers were just that. Security staff had to march him to the microphone and let him make the speakers “talk” before he could understand.

“He did a little mike check, and then he was fine,” said a security guard. “It happens all the time.”

“I’m not sure how he missed this,” said another fan from the concert. “The speakers were just sitting there not moving or anything. They looked just like any other set of speakers. Although they were playing a commercial about stereo equipment when he went off.”