Can you please stop “helping” us?

We’re pretty much fine?

People keep thinking we are our own problems?

And beating the crap out of us?

So much so that we think we’d be better off left alone?

do you have a story that you want told?

tell it your d*mn self

start your own blog

I’m not providing a service here

Knock, knock, hello?

There’s no answer.

There’s no answer? Try again.

Knock, KNOCK, HeLLO!

There’s no answer.


There’s no answer.

I’m inexplicably sure there should be an answer.


(eyes glaze over) Try again.

Knock knock KNOCK!! PICK UP B*TCH!!

Hey, I heard a scream. GET HER!!!

you don’t know what’s going on, don’t you see?

so you just keep making things worse

leave this to the people who know what’s going on

If you say hello and you don’t get an answer, you’re done.

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