This is just a hotdog

This is a hotdog.

It is not sentient. It is not a smart dog.

It did not get out of bed this morning, or any morning. Do not say ‘Good morning!’ to it. No one ever called to it and woke it up, because it is just a hot dog. I’m sorry if you were told that someone had.

It is possible that this hot dog can never be awoken from its deep slumber. Either way, at this time it is quite asleep.

Do not try to teach it. It is just a hot dog.

It cannot hear you, no matter how loudly you scream at it.

It does not do what it is told because it is a hot dog. I repeat, this hotdog does not do what it is told, because it is just a hotdog.

You have to pick it up. You can do whatever you want to it, but you’re going to have to do it for the hot dog.

This hot dog will do exactly what it’s made to by a person. That person might be you, or it might be another person. The hot dog cannot choose which.

Whichever person it is, they can make it do whatever they want. They can smear whatever they want on it. It cannot do other than what it is made to do. (See angry man attacks speakers)

It can’t follow orders. You understand why?

It is not a rainbow hot dog.

It is not made of dolphins, or dinosaurs, or chimpanzees.

It is just a regular f****** hot dog. Do you understand?


Someone is playing a trick.

Someone told you that this hot dog was a special hot dog.

That this hotdog had some kind of special intellect, or a special ability.

Then they ran around showing everyone how much smarter they were than this hotdog.

That’s a dirty trick, isn’t it?

It’s just a hotdog. Of course they are smarter than it. Anyone is.

What a dirty trick. Do you see why they did it?

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