Everything pretend is bullshit

this is just some academic stuff about how to drive people crazy


I want to control how you feel, when you are alone. How?

I can make you feel sad, and sad, and sad and sad, and then leave.

But whenever I leave you are happy! Darn it!

How about this: I will tell you not to be negative ever, or else we will not like you.

And then I will make you feel sad, sad, sad inside.

And you will pretend to be happy.

Then when I leave and you are happy that I am gone, I will come back and tell you that your happiness is just pretend. When it isn’t.

I will say, go lie to this man for me, tell him how happy you are when I am gone. Do it now.

You won’t stop to think, hey, that’s not a lie!

You will tell him how happy you are, in a sarcastic voice.

He won’t even be real.

I will do this again and again

Until you are no longer sure what happy feels like, because you have pretended to be happy when you were happy and when you were sad now.

My favorite example of this is what they do with guilt.

When you feel guilty for hurting someone, they make you taunt them and pretend to feel guilty. Oh I am soooo sorry, they have you say sarcastically. But you are.

Guilt must go! They do this so much, that I noticed the pattern. Which led to noticing a lot of things.

When you pretend you can vent your emotions without processing them. Eventually you stop having natural emotions.

Or I can tell you a horrific story

That might or might not be real

Initially you feel horrified

But then there’s no resolution to it, the story never ends, but another different one begins

Also horrifying

And another and another – you never find out if any of them are true or not true

And eventually you don’t care anymore, the whole world is pretend

<add: ditch the symbolism>

There’s enough bad stuff in the world. Real stuff. Cancer, drought. 

And then you come along and try to add to it.

But let’s suppose for some reason you want to add to it, You want to make things worse, not in a universal way maybe, but for some particular individual you don’t like for some reason.

So you’ll have to think up something, some way to make things wrong, some way to make things worse than they already are.

But the conflicts and trouble a person creates are fundamentally different from the ones already here.

The trouble you make has to be fake. Because you have to make it. If it was real, you wouldn’t have to make it.

It’s counterfeits and lies and hidden pockets kept cutoff and uninformed, false impressions– lots and lots of misunderstanding. 

In a word, nonsense. All of it. 

So always, with close examination, it vanishes.  With more communication, it vanishes. Like soap bubbles popping.

That’s important to know, when you are fighting man-made problems. That you are fighting what’s not real. That has to be fought differently.no, you beat them, you pay.

There’s always a disconnect somewhere, someone who needs to know what someone else already knows. The problem is figuring out what.

To make trouble, you tell one person one version of something and another a different one. Line those up and the problem disappears.

I hope that makes things easier.

I think the phrase is “Give up and don’t” — as in, let it all fall, drop the dramatic narrative with all the metaphors and symbolism, as if you surrendered in the fake war–and get started in the real world, which is in many ways more challenging, but where it is not impossible to win.

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