What is call-and-respond really for? Knowers’ hidden agenda

Experts learned today that part of the fake mind reading curriculum taught to Knowers includes telling them that Thinkers (non-telepaths) can hear them if you just think about them and shout.

I’m shocked dismayed flabbergasted and practically speechless, ” said one actual telepath. “It’s completely a scam to give one guy control over everyone.”

The widespread call and response protocol, where one Knower reaches out to another person and asks them to carry out a real-world action to confirm that they heard the request, is not a test of whether or not people can ‘hear’.

It is a test of whether the person that you call out to is already controlled by someone who is a Knower.

If they are, the Knowers network as it were will carry the message to the person you’re calling out to.

However, there’s no way for a regular person to hear what you call out to them as a Knower. And we’re not all required to join the Knowers network, are we?

“They present it as if it’s a test to see if someone’s dangerous,” said an ex-Knower. “But really what they’re testing is whether the mind reader who’s controlling you, as a Knower, can also control every other person they come across.”

Because they don’t read minds, Knowers often issue conflicting commands, whether on purpose or accidentally we’re not sure.

Why are they telling them wrong?

“I mean, I guess they didn’t want to tell us it was so these guys who were tricking us could make sure they can control every person in America. That doesn’t sound good.”

as everyone knows, those who do not respond to the call and respond are arrested. The vast majority of those arrested are not telepaths. They’re arrested because the Knowers believe they should be able to hear them.

“I mean, it’s worked for me a few times,” set another ex-Knower. I called out to a Thinker and it seemed like they heard me. “

“I guess that was just a trick in my own mind?”

“I think what’s hard to believe for a lot of people,” said an investigator on the case, “Is that a Thinker can be considered a threat by the Knowers network. They want control of certain people and it’s not always easy for them to get it. So they attacked them in an organized fashion.”

“It’s like a children’s game of cops and robbers,” said another observer. “But the Knowers are being used to do something much more serious. They don’t realize that many of the people that attack are already very well cared for. The people controlling the network drive him or her to get involved, because they’re looking for a fight.”