The main difference between Indian and fake Chinese Mindreading: Giving Orders

Do what I say!

Why don’t you just ask?

Because you won’t do it.

Then what do you want?

I want it done.

Then you do it.

I can’t.

Why not?

I don’t have time.

I don’t either.

Do it anyway!

You can’t make me.

Yes I can.

I’m telling on you!

There is a saying: Always, always, always think for yourself.

For centuries human beings have taught each other not to listen to aggressive demands. We were taught this by word of mouth, religion, etc.

We are taught instead to listen for the ideas that are patient, kind, polite, and give us options. This is not mysterious or magical — we should only listen to people who are taking our needs into account, as well as their own. People who can’t respect us enough not to make imperious demands are almost sure to want things that aren’t good for us. If it was good for us, they could just ask and we would do it.

Further we should only listen to people who can control themselves. This is kind of the natural purpose of anger, to show us that a person isn’t thinking clearly and that we should factor that in to our interpretation of what they say.

Protect the weak. If they are weaker than you, or sick, or don’t understand — they aren’t a threat, so fighting them is only bullying.

For instance if they are dumb enough to repeat an

Indian mindreaders do not tell people what to do telepathically. Not ever. They do not use the imperative voice. Every idea they offer is optional, a suggestion.

There are many important reasons for this. One is captured in this question:

How many people can give orders at one time vs how many people can think together?

Only 1 person can give orders but infinitely many can think together.

When you are not giving orders you don’t take up any “space” in the mind. When you give orders you not only take up space, you clog the whole mental system, causing it to stop working and making people very dumb!

it was not by accident that fake mind reading focuses so much on giving and following orders. Both are kind of the opposite of what real mind reading is about.

I mean, isn’t it strange that they sort of gloss over the fact that two or more, or many people might try to order the same person around at the same time?

“Um, we were going to tell you… But we forgot…?” –Not sure who