I do not want to talk about the cat

I took the cat to vet, and the vet oversedated it. What do you want me to do.

We told you not to take the cat to the vet.

Did you do that because you were already planning to kill it or did you kill it to punish me for taking it even though you “told me” not to?

We told you not to take the cat to the vet and you have to listen.

Ignoring the fact that you didn’t answer my question and that what you just said makes no sense, I’ll respond like this — The cat was sick and living in a cage.

But it wasn’t your cat.

It isn’t good to live around sick things. It wasn’t fair to the cat to be living in a cage and sick. It was in pain. I took it to the vet.

It wasn’t in pain.

It couldn’t breathe. It had some kind of polyp in its ear, and underneath the polyp was an infection.

But it wasn’t your cat.

It wasn’t my dog either, that had lymphoma, but I took him to the vet. His neck was so swollen he couldn’t lift his head from the floor and they put him down.
And it wasn’t my pigeon that got left in a cage on the porch to starve.
And it wasn’t my cat that had an open wound from an engine flywheel that wouldn’t heal. The vet fixed that one.
There are more. It was like someone was throwing sick animals at you. They throw sick animals at me. It’s like a rain of roadkill.

We don’t need your help.

Sure you don’t. You are in unbelievable pain. So are the female ones.

I needed that cat. I haven’t been right since it died.

I know. I wanted it to be healthy and the vet said they could fix it. She said she put it down on purpose. Someone told her we couldn’t afford it and that we wanted her to put it down. He used a fake voice. They said she recognized him but she couldn’t call him back.

Things haven’t been right since he died.

It’s terrible. Maybe your headache moved. That can make it feel like things aren’t right.

I don’t think you should have done it.

I didn’t have a choice. I was doing it. It wasn’t right of them to set this up. It was cruel, to put him in a cage and to kill him. But it wasn’t my fault. I took him to the vet, where he needed to be.

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