If it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter

(Back to Reality Part 1)

Here are your eggs?

My eggs?

Yes, for breakfast.

Isn’t is beautiful, how we eat eggs in the morning, to symbolize cracking open a new day? The yellow sun rising in a white cloud.

Yes dear. Would you like coffee?

Yes, liquid energy! Did you ever wonder why coffee is brown?


It is brown like the earth! The earth spins, so we need to hustle, and that is what coffee is for.

Yes dear.

Energy comes from inside the earth!

You don’t have to convince me, I agree.

Look at this woman posing in this magazine. Her fingers are splayed!

What does that symbolize?

I don’t know but it must mean something! And her dress is covered with tiny oil rigs.

For good fortune?

No, it means she forgot to use conditioner on her hair when she showered.

Oh… let me see that, how much is it?

Too much.

Yes, you are right. 

Darn it! I got a splinter.

Oh no, I’ll get the tweezers.

No! Leave it there. It must be for a reason.

What reason?

To show me.. To teach me.. 

Let me get the tweezers. Oh look, right next to them in the drawer, there are your old reading glasses!

Aha! That is what the splinter is for. To tell me I need to finish my novel today!

You can probably take a class in how to make symbolism up, rapidly, so that it sounds like you knew all of the symbols in advance and you are just seeing them occur, but really you are making up the meanings as you go along.

You should try it. Make up some symbolism as you go along.

The things that matter, matter, and the things that don’t, don’t. If you have to think about why something matters, it doesn’t. Things that matter don’t need additional explanation. They are exactly as they are.

Very often it doesn’t matter if something happens or not. If that’s the case, when it starts to happen, let it. Because why not?

When you add extra meaning to things, you change how people react to them. A splinter should get the reaction a splinter gets. It shouldn’t also be endowed with a deeper meaning. If it does, the reaction is too big (now you have to read a novel), and very quickly the world becomes distorted.

Don’t think extra, I think is how the saying goes.

Thinking extra can make you very sick.

This seems very difficult for people, to let go of this artificial edifice of thinking on top of what’s real. But please try.


Don’t let them see you dancing like that!

Why not?

They’ll think the music and wine have made you out of control.

Who cares? They have!

But —

It is just dancing, right?


So why not dance? This is a party, it is the perfect time. When it’s time to leave I will stop.

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