The stop sign

Hey, what’s that sound?

It sounds like an ox trying to backpedal.

And also like an Ummmmm… (sliding downwards)

Or an Uhhh (with down and up intonation)

Or I don’t want to.

Or a little slap!. No!. (That usually only comes out if you keep pressing someone to do something they don’t want to. What do you think, would you understand this, or would you hear that slap and attack?)

Or an Uh-uh. With a headshake.

Or a whiny nehhh.

Or if you really pressure them, nonononononono like dancing on hot coals trying to get away from you.

Or hmmMMmmMMmm Nah.

Each one of those sounds means STOP. They mean I don’t like it, what you are doing. That is why I am making this noise, to let you know you should stop that.

Ignore it at your peril.

There’s a saying: That’s a no-no.

Do you like that, ignore it at your peril?

I like ideas like that, I call them chords.* 

Chords are nuanced messages phrased just right so that everyone who hears them will take away the right message for them.

They are in the vox dei LOL which means they are unshakably true.

Do you know other sounds for “stop”? For “no”?

You sicko.

*Other people call them thoughts with echoes, that does not sound like the right name to me.

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