Proof that fake Chinese mindreading was developed to hurt Americans (and that it is fake)

Introducing…. Reverse Chinese!

Experts discovered that American children are being taught especially distorted versions of the Chinese language.

“We knew about the cursing, we heard the cursing first. We didn’t know they had distorted the whole language,” said an expert (name).

Babies were taught that almost every single word that was not a noun was the opposite word in Chinese.

“We’re not exactly sure about the structure of it yet,” said one expert. “We’re starting with the exclamations, and they all seem backward.”

By comparing the meaning taken away from the same sound Chinese-American person with that heard in the same sound by a non Chinese-American person, we found things are mostly completely reversed

American Chinese-American

Ouch Ahh (sound of sexual pleasure)
That feels better! Noooo! Help!
Where was I? I f**king hate you

Wink, wink, say no more. Tell everyone this

Hey, that’s neat! What the f**k is wrong with you?
I don’t understand. Piss up a rope!
Huh? You talk like a retard
You are sweet, I love you. I will kill you!
I’m scared. I’m going to f**k you up
Yay!! Die!!
Please? Do it now!
This is fun! I’m going to hurt someone!
(Telling self to stay calm). AHHHHH!!
What else can I get you? You selfish piece of sh*t.
Oh, no, da**it! Nice! That’s great.
Hang in there, it will be ok. (Criminal code word for mess with this person)
I’m hungry. I don’t want to eat.
Oh man, this is difficult. (Chinese code for stop them.)

How did this work?

But weren’t these sounds incoherent, once you reversed them and strung them together?

“Sure, but that just means the person’s crazy,” said one person who for several years had been remotely groping a child every time he bumped his knee. “Which is more of a reason to go after them.”

And wasn’t it obvious that the people were saying and doing didn’t line up with what people thought they were thinking?

“A little bit? But again we just interpreted that to mean that these were bad people were liars.”

Because those hearing the language distortions were Knowers, the inconsistencies were not very closely examined.

“It was an efficient plan for starting fights between these two groups. You have to be a little bit impressed by whoever came up with it,” said one Reader documenting the case. “No one had to be there to start the fight. People would fight all by themselves because of the language difference.”

“Plus parents learn these sounds from their children, so the reverse language would be passed down through families.”*

“It’s also the plan of someone who never dreamed they would get caught,” she continued. “Because it’s a huge smoking gun. People learn these sounds very early in life, usually before age three.”

Which is distorted and which is real?

Experts are still investigating the relationship between reverse Chinese and other languages. Were the Americans taught a special version of Chinese, or were the Chinese taught that sounds from other cultures had different meanings?

In other words, were younger Chinese possibly taught reverse Korean or reverse Hebrew?

Examining people of different ages and cultural backgrounds who have the various understandings of these sounds seems to be the key to unlocking which.

If only younger Chinese people have this problem, then it’s more likely that they were taught a different language backward. But if all Chinese people agree on the Chinese meaning of these sounds, then it’s more likely that the Americans were taught a strange version of Chinese.

Or, it’s possible that older Chinese people are aware of reverse Chinese and can interpret it more accurately. Or, because older people are more likely to be readers than younger people, they interpret the sounds as they’re meant.

What if an entire generation of Chinese children was taught that normal American thinking was offensive? In other words, what if it isn’t the speaker, but the listener? It’s hard to be sure, but that would lead younger Chinese people to dislike older Chinese people quite a bit, and quite inexplicably.

If that turns out the be the case, it is less likely that fake mindreading originated in China.

“There’s a chain of actions– you print a certain shirt, you teach a baby a certain way… One action is harmless, the person carrying it out isn’t trying to hurt anyone, and the action that caused it is harmless too, but as you look farther and father down the chain, at some point there is a very intentional malicious plan. Just need to find where.

“And on the other side too, the people that saw the shirt or heard the language and hurt people based on what they thought they were being told, that’s pretty malicious too. But in the middle maybe are a lot of well-intentioned people who spread this far and wide.

It appears only certain Americans, particularly African Americans and lower-income groups were taught the inverted language.

“When you first encounter a person who’s been taught reverse Chinese you wouldn’t think that they had,” said (). “Because of the language difference they’ve been so severely abused, that most of them stop thinking to the degree that they can.”

“But if you investigate further you’ll find that the readers and knowers who care for that person will all report having a persistent problem with some telepath that comes around and curses at them regularly.”

“Unfortunately what they’re thinking is a telepath, is that affected person. The Thinker.

And if they stop trying to remove that person from their own mind, the affected children or even adults should have much better educational and psychological outcomes, pretty much immediately.

What to do?

In either case, the solution is the same. The whole thing is just a big misunderstanding, thank God!*

If you suspect you are being misinterpreted, you can sometimes get around it by thinking in pictures. One trick is to think of printed words on a page. Instead of thinking that you are hungry, you can picture the words in your mind. This circumvents the language barrier, but it not good for your mental health, so only try this if you have problems you think are caused by a language misalignment.

Another trick is to pray. Prayer forces you to think intentionally and can help Readers straighten things out, for example, if your normal thinking is hard to hear.

You could pray like this for example, while holding on to your loved one who is being punished for talking funny: Dear God, I want you and everyone else to know that sometimes people intentionally teach children thought-languages wrong, and that I suspect that is going on here because <reason> and it really isn’t fair. Who do you think said, ‘cut this man’s nose off,’ where are they? Because all I can see is the man with the sore nose.

“He was trained to think that that word means something else, when he was young. Now when you hear him you think he’s someone else telling you to attack him. But it was just him who said whatever you heard, and he didn’t mean it the way you heard it. He meant something else.

“Now God, I wish whoever is hurting this man would think back to whatever sound they heard that made them hurt him, and say it to the man so we can find out what he thinks it means. They will need a Reader to help them hear what he thinks it means. Can this person remember the word? Can they say it to him?

“Thank you God. It sounds like he thinks that means ‘cheesy’ like a corny movie. And what does the other guy think… he thinks it means ‘cut his nose off.’ Well, it would be a funny old world if we were all the same, wouldn’t it, God.

“But everyone can see he didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not going to be able to stop saying that. So let’s not hurt him.

“Here, we can get him to say it again. I’ll just ask him about some movie, if he thought it was cheesy. Hold on a second God — see? And.. now, hold on again, some other person is trying to hurt him, now, and we’re still working on this first person. Does the first person see? He says that whenever he means cheesy.” etc.

The first step is for Knowers and Readers to acknowledge that there are different thought languages, and just spread the word that they have been artificially aligned this way and that what you hear someone say is very rarely what they mean.

“Just leave people alone. Or sit there and listen,” said one Reader.

“Or at least stop beating on everyone? Why were you doing that anyway? Are we really supposed to pretend that you think there are that many crazy people running around randomly cursing at you for no reason? Making all these cursing sounds that you just can’t locate the source of? But that you think attacking will somehow help?”

“We’re finding children who were taught to say ‘make it hard for me to breathe’ in some kind of criminal code. Why is there any word for such a thing? And the people that hear it carry it out– what are we supposed to think they are doing that for? What are we supposed to think they think they are doing it for?

Knowers said they were told that “bad people” needed to be stopped, and hurting children was sometimes necessary to stop them. However, since the children were taught to say these words themselves, not made to say them, it’s clear that the idea was not to hurt the children until something about them changed, but to hurt them for their entire lives.

It is not clear who the “bad people” were supposed to be.

“So either Knowers were lied to, and thought they were fighting crime somehow — or they were intentionally attacking innocent American children just because they were told to. I have heard many Knowers call it ‘murder in advance’ or ‘pre-murder’.”

The other of course is to investigate how this happened.

This system is definitely using some well-intentioned people to hurt each other, although there are others who know what is going on. It couldn’t exist without one or two huge lies, and as soon as people are aware of that, the problem could vanish overnight.

You can tune ppl
And the telepath thinks at a thinker using certain vocabulary, The thinker we’ll start to use that vocabulary themselves.

One thing is guaranteed, the people implementing this unknowingly are not mind readers, no matter what they thought they were. They are what you call deaf, maybe worse. Any mind reader would have correctly interpreted these sounds.

My mom used to sing this song a lot, just around the house.

*This reminds me, there are some Readers who are downright vicious to Readers they think are not good enough (which would include Knowers). They justify committing just about any kind of horrific crime by saying “it serves people right if they are dumb enough to fall for it.” They are often not good teachers though, so they tend to beat people for being dumb and forget to tell them how to be smart. Easier to just keep beating them. Maybe you recognize this type of brutal logic– about how it serves people right, so they don’t feel guilty — and can match it to an idealogy. I think somehow that idea got twisted and caused, oh, I don’t know, millions and millions of early deaths (including the Holocaust, so don’t say “Jews,” some people are so weird about Jews and there’s nothing wrong with Jews, please try to get over it).

But this is just the kind of thing this group would do, it’s like there are strict rules about how to do it — create a misunderstanding that is a hidden lesson, but it is twisted enough that no one can get the lesson. But if you were super-duper clever you would get it, they think. They might believe that only super-duper clever people should be Readers. That it is an exclusive club for geniuses like them. That movie Seven, that’s what I always think of, that mindset where you put people in impossible positions and force them to hurt people to save themselves, as if that were interesting. They have systems for coming up with these misunderstandings, they build them up in layers. They see tricking innocent people into doing bad things is like an accomplishment to be proud of, because they believe what we think of as morality is a facade and they want to reveal it as such. They believe the real world only comes out in brutal and cruel situations and anything else we experience must be fake. I guess that is how their minds were set up.

They are very difficult to hurt and probably severely abused from a young age.