About Raveoke!

Raveoke!!!! A vanguard strategy for RavoluTion!

Raveoke is a really simple idea. Get tunes from the 90â€ēs and the Rave era – as video files from youtube or whereever – and put lyrics over the top to use them for Karaoke!

This is either a really bad idea or good idea depending on

  • Your point of view
  • Where you do it

So far Raveoke has happened at the following places.

  • Shangri-la Field Glastonbury 2009-2010
  • TAA Manchester – forbidden arts warehouse squat Hulme 2008
  • Climate Camp 2008 on the front line with the Police ( Psychological warfare that we won!!)
  • Climate Camp gathering Manchester October 08
  • No Borders Bristol benefit Feb 09
  • Radical Routes gathering May 09
  • Arcspace futuresonic fringe at the Afewe Hulme May 09
  • Plan B Housing Coop Housewarming
  • HacktionLab June 2011
  • Sunseed, Almeria NYE 2011

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