Make your own Raveoke Songs

It’s easy to make your own Raveoke with the following 23 steps.

  • Go to youtube or vimeo etc and find the video that you want.
  • Search for the lyrics on the internet.
  • If  they aren’t available you will have to write your own by listening carefully to the track. Either way the next step is to go to the website:
  • Follow the instructions there on how to subtitle your video.
  • You end up with your chosen video in a player that has the subtitles overlayed on the top of them
  • Send us the link in a comment to this page and we’ll put it on this site

Synching your titles in Universal Titles

You can do Raveoke online just from our website or you can check out other ways of downloading and showing Raveoke on the Screen Your Own Raveoke page.

More info on Universal Subtitles


Universal Subtitles seems like a great project totally in line with the philosophy of the Rave movement. Peace, Love, Unity & Respect!!!

Universal Subtitles (Tech Awards Video) from UniversalSubtitles on Vimeo.


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