Screen your own Raveoke

Doing it online!!!

You can do Raveoke online if you have a good connection in the tradition of YouTube Dj-ing. Just point your browser to and check out the 50+ tunes which are also organised by type – ie House, Jungle, Rave, Acid House etc.

Offline Raveoke

You can do Raveoke ‘offline’ in a number of ways. You can download the Raveoke words as subtitle files – ‘srt’ files to be exact. You can also download videos from YouTube if you have the right tools – including the website – or the Firefox plug in – Video Download Helper

Once you have both the Video file and the Subtitle file on your computer then you are set to do Raveoke even if you are not able to connect to the Internet. But How?

You need VLC player and have a look at the settings below. They may make the subtitles BIG and display them at the top of the screen.

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