RIP Nancy Phipps, mother, grandmother and activist

Mother, grandmother, friend, and dedicated activist Nancy Phipps died on Friday 30 May. She was as an animal rights campaigner for decades and in 1986 was imprisoned alongside her daughter Lesley and many others for a raid on Unilever’s laboratory. In 1995 her other daughter Jill (pictured left) was tragically killed at a protest against the live export of veal calves. There is now a memorial page for Nancy at


RIP my beloved grandmother Nancy Phipps passed away today.

She was an amazing, strong minded woman who spent her life campaigning for animal rights and was a strong supporter of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and served time in prison herself for her involvement in non violent direct action against vivisection in the 80s.

In 1995 Nancy lost her daughter Jill Phipps who was tragically killed during a protest against the live export of veal calves to the continent.

Nancy was the rock of our family for many years and will be very missed by us all and her actions over the years have inspired many people and saved many lives.

She will always be remembered as the mother of the animal rights movement.

Rest in peace Nancy xxxx

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