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Corporate Watch has been one of the few organizations to acknowledge and publicise the repression suffered by animal rights campaigners. While other bastions of the liberal left such as the Guardian, the Independent, Liberty and Amnesty ignored the shocking persecution and imprisonment of activists – or worse still colluded with the state in condemning them as extremists and criminals – CW has always stood foursquare in support of the grassroots movment.

They have produced a number of articles on their website and also the excellent publication called State crackdown on anti-corporate dissent: the animal rights movement in 2009. Animal rights is only one of many issues CW has tacked in its near 20 year lifespan supporting people struggling against corporations and capitalism by providing information for action. Others include the arms trade, the environment, housing and migration.

In each case the group’s aim is to provide “research that is a vital resource for campaigns looking to target particular companies” and be “a reliable source of original and cutting-edge knowledge about the latest forms and manifestations of corporate power.”

Corporate Watch is a small workers’ co-operative, that works non-hierarchically with shared  responsibility for the collective running of the organisation. Legally, Corporate Watch is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, which gives it the freedom to express political opinions. It’s work includes investigative journalism, analysis and publishing.

There is no doubt that the struggle to build a saner, more equal and compassionate world for humans and animals alike would be all the poorer if CW did not exist. Corporate Watch doesn’t accept corporate or state money, so depends on funding from its subscribers, the generosity of individual donors and a handful of independent trusts. In order to continue with its work it needs your support! You can help by making a one off donation or become a “Friend of Corporate Watch” by setting up a regular subscription

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