30 January: Islington Against Police Spies “Sack Bob Lambert” demo

Islington Against Police Spies (IAPS) was set up late last year following a meeting at London Metropolitan University. This is where disgraced ex-police spy Bob Lambert works as a lecturer in criminology. Before his career in academia, Lambert worked as an undercover cop for Special Branch and infiltrated political groups such as London Greenpeace. He then became operations manager of a top secret Scotland Yard unit called the Special Demonstrations Squad and managed other spies.

IAPS say: “In November we held a lively picket of London Metropolitan University in Holloway, launching our campaign to demand the sacking or resignation of Bob Lambert. Former police spy, Special Branch manipulator, abuser of women, agent provocateur, Lambert is now lecturing at London Met on policing and criminology.

As local residents we feel it is totally inappropriate for London Metropolitan to be employing a man with Lambert’s record in such a position; where he has not only influence and power over the lives of students, who may be young or vulnerable. Most particularly Lambert has shown he cannot be trusted not to abuse and lie to women.

Islington Against Police Spies have committed ourselves to holding regular events to keep putting pressure on the University and raising awareness of Lambert’s past, until he is forced to leave London Met. We call on anyone who thinks Bob Lambert should not be working in a supposedly progressive university to support our campaign.

The protest will be this Friday, 30 January, at 12.00 – 2.00pm, LMU Tower, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB. The organisers say: “Bring placards, banners, anything to make noise. The bigger and noisier our protest, the more notice London Met will have to take of us.”

The website also has a list of senior management to email and call. There is even an email address and telephone no. for Lambert himself so you can “let him know what you think of his activities”.


For further information see: https://network23.org/redblackgreen/police-spies-and-surveillance/


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